The Fundred Dollar Bill Project depends on the creative and financial contributions of many.  We are so grateful for the generous support of The Kresge Foundation, through our partnership with MIT CoLab.
who else is part of the Fundred network of participants, funders, and leaders. Are you ready to get involved? Be a Fundred Ambassador and activate participation within your network. Be a Fundred Funder and your tax-deductible gift can support participation and initiatives across the country.

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Be a Fundred Ambassador 

    • Talk to your friends & family: about lead poisoning and invite all to participate in the Fundred project.  Fundred is counting on the creative contribution of individuals across the country to send a powerful message that we care about our environment and the health of future generations.
    • Connect with us on social media. Share images of your Fundred participation to inspire others
    • Create a Fundred initiative in your community.  Use the resources provided below and through the website and get creative!
    • Learn more about the many ways you can help raise awareness and prevent lead poisoning!

    Fund Fundred

    Fundred is a project of SOURCE Studio, a 501(c)(3). Your tax-deductible financial gift can help support national outreach, template printing, and local initiatives. Contact us if you would like more information or to customize your donation.

    Fundred is a unique program helping students participate in making a safe environment for other children. Fundred demonstrates the unique power and relevancy of art. Your contribution will enable us to provide color templates free of charge to schools, so that all students have an opportunity to participate. Funding will also support the armored truck’s nationwide pick-up.

    Donate by check 
    Checks should be made out to “SOURCE Studio,” a 501(c)(3) organization. 

    Checks can be mailed to:
    SOURCE Studio
    PO Box 505
    Burnsville NC 

    Donate by credit card 
    Credit card donations are made through Network for Good, National Performance Network’s donation site. Don’t forget to type “Fundred” in the “Designation field” to ensure that your contribution funds Fundred. Thank You!

    Questions on donations
    Contact us by email at or phone at (828) 682-7199.

    Fundred Resources

    These resources are provided to help you get involved and inspire others. Whether you’re in the classroom, community group, or at home, dig in, learn more and spread the word.

    Project Summary: A Summary of Fundred Dollar Bill + Operation Paydirt

    Getting Started: Who, What, Where, When and How of Fundred

    Classroom Resources: Lesson Plans, State Standards, Multi-Fundred Template

    Strategies: Getting Your School or Community Involved in Fundred Making