The above 6 video portraits of the DC Fundred Team were created in spring 2017 by Maria Luz Bravo, Sarah Buckner, Delaney McGowen, Dongni Miao, and Mike Shanahan as part of Ben Tankersley's photojournalism course at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

Fundred PSA featuring students at J.M. Robinson Middle School in Charlotte, NC in Spring of 2013.  Special thanks to Stacey Boone, Mark Buzzee, and McColl Center for Art + Innovation.  Produced by the SmartLab.

Now You See It

Now You See It is a two-part animated video series communicates the invisible threat of lead. These videos were written by Mel Chin, animated by Careen Ingle with soundtrack by Zig Gron. Produced in partnership with LA Freewaves, advised by Southern California Health and Housing Council and the Healthy Homes Collaborative.

As a part of A Blade of Grass's video series about socially engaged art, this piece follows artist Mel Chin and his project Operation Paydirt/Fundred in Cincinnati in Spring of 2015.