The Sous Terre Armored Truck

Fundred Dollar Bills are precious and their safekeeping is of utmost importance. In keeping with the value of this creative cash, the special armored truck will eventually deliver the Fundreds to D.C.

On the Road with the Sous Terre Armored Truck

The Fundred Armored Truck traveled over 18,000 miles during the 2009/2010 school year tour, picking up Fundreds from over 350,000 participants! The truck is now safely parked at a secret location until the next Pick-Up Tour is announced. Click on the map to see the route of the 2009/2010 Sous Terre Armored Truck tour. See stories, photos, videos and more from Fundred events across the country!

What’s special about the truck?

The engine has been retrofitted to run on waste vegetable oil (“WVO”). The truck is “refueling” on oil recycled from cafeteria and restaurant fry cookers collected by the official Fundred Collection Centers.

The Sous Terre Armored Truck is painted with a “soil to grass” (brown to green) color scheme. Included in the detailing is the date of Hurricane Katrina rendered as the truck‚Äôs serial number, to identify it as unique from other armored vehicles.

The truck is just large enough to hold the estimated cargo of the 3 million Fundred Dollar Bill artworks @ 1 gram each = 6614 lbs. which is a volume of 4x4x8 ft.

Sous Terre Transport Company

The Sous Terre Transport Company is a special krewe of Fundred volunteers.

“Sous Terre” is a play on words. The French words Sous Terre are not only a tribute to the French settlers of New Orleans, but “Sous” (under) “Terre” (ground) refers to the goal of cleaning up what is below our feet to create a new foundation for New Orleans and other American cities!