Fundred in the Classroom

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project offers classroom discussion, hands-on exploration and important lessons beyond the classroom. Your students will:

  • See how art can change perspective and create awareness
  • Experience a creative approach to democracy
  • Contribute to making a safe environment for other children
  • Initiate important environmental, health and social change
  • Be collaborators in a nationwide, well publicized public artwork
  • Bring learning to life by connecting classroom lessons with community service projects

Fundred is a cross-curricular opportunity to introduce:

  • Social Studies and Political Science
  • Environment, Science and Health
  • Art and Design
  • Community Service and Service Learning
  • Peer to Peer training and learning

Participate Now – Here is How

Your students’ contributions will demonstrate that their creative actions can make a difference.

Estimated Class Time

Introduce Fundred in as little as 20 – 60 minutes or as an extended lesson over a few days. See Lesson Plans for a range of presentations.

Necessary Materials

Getting Started

Introduce Fundred with these basic instructions:

  1. Distribute one Fundred Template per student.
  2. Instruct per grade level. Resources are available here.
  3. After drawing, ask students to cut along the thin blue line to ”free“ the Fundred Dollar Bill.
  4. Contribution is an important part of Fundred. Ask if students want to donate their finished art to be part of a nationwide art collection. If so, they will sign on the line provided on the Fundred Template. Then you sign, as ”witness,“ in the other space provided.
  5. Cut out and use the Fundred Bundle Band to wrap multiple Fundred Bills together; use tape or a glue stick to secure the Bundle Band to itself.
  6. On the Bundle Band write the number of Fundreds in the bundle, your school/organization and location.
  7. Send bundles to the Collection Center and they will be added to the national collection!

Register Here and Pledge Now

Your school can be added to our list of participating schools. Commit now!