Learn About Fundred

Draw your unique Fundred Dollar Bill, mail it to a Fundred Collection Center and be part of the solution to prevent lead poisoning in cities all across America. This nationwide drawing project will honor the value of your action. Make a Fundred! Make a Difference!


Everyone and anyone, students, teachers, artists, parents and celebrities, are all making their own Fundred Dollar Bills–original, hand-drawn interpretations of U.S. $100 bills. The goal is to collect millions of these unique artworks.

Completed Fundred drawings are sent to an official Collection Center to be counted and securely held!

Then What?

These valuable drawings will be picked up by a special armored truck and delivered to Washington D.C. with a request for an even exchange of the creative capital–your Fundreds–for real resources to prevent lead poisoning in cities all across America.

When Will This Happen?

Fundred is an ongoing project; it is continuing through the 2014/2015 school year. We encourage your participation! There is no time like the present!

Who Can Participate in Fundred?

Everyone! Children are the most affected by lead, and therefore, are at the center of this project. However, teachers, parents, administrators and community members are encouraged to contribute as well!

Download or order templates and draw your Fundred Dollar Bill today! Send your Fundred to a Collection Center to be counted!

Fundred For:

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project offers meaning for all participants:

  • Teachers: Download lesson plans and other resources. See how other teachers have worked with the project in their classrooms.
  • Service Learning: Engage as a demonstration and celebration of the power of youth voice.
  • Parents: Lead poisoning affects children’s health. Your child can be part of a solution and make a difference!
  • Students: Lead affects your health and the health of children everywhere. Draw a Fundred and contribute to a solution! Help make your environment healthy.
  • Groups: Your school, faith-based organization, business or social group can take advantage of this community-building opportunity. Make a big difference with your creative contributions!
  • Politicians: This is more than a drawing project; it is a nationwide call for your attention. Your constituents are voicing their support for Operation Paydirt through the Fundred Dollar Bill Project. See activity in your city, state, and/or district here.
  • Press: This is an important local and national project of interest in the areas of art, science, health, education, environment and social activism. An armored truck, millions of kids, Congressional leaders, need we say more?